Batik Banten History

4Batik Batik Banten is derived from Banten Province. Since patented in 2003, Batik Banten has undergone a long process until it is recognized around the world. Batik Banten has 75 motifs, 12 motifs were first patented and Batik Banten is the first patented batik, with the aim that the wealth of Indonesian culture in these offerings are not easily stolen, Batik Banten patented after a study in Malaysia and Singapore were followed by 62 countries in the world .

Batik Banten awarded as the best batik in the entire world. After the appeal on June 5 day world Batik, Batik Banten became the first to have patent rights in UNESCO. Now there are 54 patterns that have been registered and have gained legitimacy from the highest intellectual rights institutions in Indonesia.

Unique and beautiful design inspired from objects of ancient imperial Banten.Those objects – ancient historical objects is the result of excavation / trenching carried out by archaeologists.

There are about 20 Banten motif given name is based on his philosophy, among others, the motive Sebakingking, Srimanganti, Pasulaman, Mandalikan, Kawangsan, Kapurban, Surosowan, Pejantren, Pamaranggen, Pancaniti, Datulaya, Langenmaita, Wamilahan, Panjunan, Kaibonan, Memoloan, chivalry, Panembahan, Singayaksa and Pasepen motif.

Mr. Uke Kurniawan (born 50 years ago), is the one who pioneered the growth of Batik Banten ,located at Jalan Bhayangkara, he also own a Batik Banten Gallery, at Kubil Village, Sumur Pecung, Cipocok Jaya, Serang – Banten.


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